Friends and Neighbors,

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to find out about the newly formed Country Estates Neighborhood Network. As some of you may already know, a small group of Country Estates residents have been meeting with Jerry Fowler, Owasso’s Neighborhood Coordinator, monthly since August. Our goal was to unify all phases of Country Estates and establish an identity within the city of Owasso.

That’s right, if you didn’t already know, you live in Owasso. Regardless of our mailing addresses or whom you pay your utilities to; you are a citizen of Owasso. In fact, Country Estates is the largest neighborhood in Owasso with over 700 homes.

Allow me to address what is probably the main concern of most people, are these folks trying to form a Homeowner’s Association? The simple answer is NO! Everyone that has participated in the early stages of development is in agreement that we do not want mandatory dues or outrageous bylaws.

So why create a Neighborhood Network? By forming this network that unifies all six phases of Country Estates we can now apply for grants through the City of Owasso to help make improvements to our neighborhood. The City of Owasso has a Strong Neighborhood Initiative Program. We needed a name for our neighborhood organization to be able to register. Thus we came up with Country Estates Neighborhood Network, and have already registered through the city. The actual name of our neighborhood will not change. There is much more information regarding the Strong Neighborhood Initiative on the city’s website, http://www.cityofowasso.com. Just click on the Government tab on the homepage then select City Departments on the drop down menu, and finally click on Neighborhoods.

What will be required of you? We understand that everyone has different financial obligations as well as personal commitments that may keep them from being able to donate money or time. That is fine, you are still our neighbors and we still want your feedback. Country Estates Neighborhood Network will be 100% volunteer based. Through the website, Facebook page and possibly the occasional meeting we will attempt to address issues within the neighborhood. The overall goal being: Our overall goal is to maintain and even improve the quality of life within Country Estates. An added benefit to this is maintaining or even increasing property values.

An example of an improvement: Upgrading the Entrances Each and every entrance is the curb appeal for our neighborhood. It is the first thing potential buyers and visitors see. The entrances set the tone for the neighborhood and frankly at this point are very different and lack luster at best. A few neighbors have worked hard to attempt to maintain these, volunteering their own time and even money. The Country Estates Neighborhood Network can come up with a plan to improve the entrances including a budget. We could then post the plan on the website for all residents to view. We would then ask for people to volunteer time or money to help fund the project. Through the city’s Strong Neighborhood Initiative even the time residents volunteer is given a dollar value. We present an application requesting grant funding to help pay for the improvements. This is probably one of the larger issues that have been brought up, but I am just using this as a short example of how the process works. There are many other issues that would not cost anything other than a few residents volunteering their time.

Some of the other goals that have been discussed:

-Form an Alert Neighborhood Program through the City of Owasso Police Department and the Strong Neighborhood Initiative.

-Purchase street sign toppers that identify our neighborhood and let you know when you are going from one phase to another.

-Organize block parties to meet and get to know our neighbors.

-Have neighborhood garage sales.

-Put out an electronic newsletter: could inform residents of upcoming events or share information related to our neighborhood.

-Research the process of having our mailing addresses changed to reflect Owasso rather than Collinsville.

Who runs the Country Estates Neighborhood Network? We will have an informal group of leadership just to help keep the website going and to coordinate events and funnel information to other residents. Right now we are looking for volunteers in each phase of the neighborhood that would be willing to attend some meetings and be a liaison for your phase. We would like to have a minimum of a primary and secondary representative for each of the six phases. Some of the phases are much bigger than others so we might want a few more people for the larger phases. This will be a fluid process that we can adjust or change as necessary. The real answer to the question is that everyone who participates helps to keep Country Estates Neighborhood Network running.

To become involved please send your contact information to:


Please provide your Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number


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