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October 12: Neighborhood Garage Sale

Mark your calendar for a Country Estates Neighborhood Garage Sale on October 12th starting at 7 am.

Signs will be posted at our entrances not tomorrow but next Sunday so please, please start spreading the word to our residents!

Word of this event will be posted on our website, Facebook, Nextdoor, and email. There will be no flyer or newsletter so please spread the word even if you don’t plan to have a sale.


Owasso CARES—a success!

Today we had over 200 volunteers help clean, trim, and beautify Country Estates and 7 area neighborhoods. Please check out the entrances, fire hydrants, and the rest of the interior and exterior of our neighborhood. A lot of effort went into planning and carrying out this event. Thanks to all for making today possible!

Owasso CARES Follow Up For Next Sat

The¬†post preceding this one contains info from a newsletter that will be sent to all our residents of Country Estates. To add to it, I want to emphasize that there will be large dumpsters in our neighborhood¬†available for you to dispose of anything you need to get rid of (excluding paints, oil, hazardous material, etc). This is a great opportunity to really clean up our neighborhood and it’s all free! You will need to call Jerry Fowler at 918-376-1556 for info about where the dumpsters will be in our neighborhood.
This event will be huge and will not happen again in the near future, so take advantage and make an impact in neighborhood!
Jeff Paul and CENN

Owass CARES–Next Saturday, Sept 21

Every neighborhood goes through a “life cycle”. ¬†Sometimes, this life cycle is threatened by the aggressive growth of new neighborhoods within a city. Owasso, over the past 15 years, has experienced explosive growth. So, where does this leave Country Estates in the “big” picture?

The primary component of an attractive and vibrant community is ‚ÄúStrong Neighborhoods‚ÄĚ. The common trait for any dynamic community is the commitment by businesses, government, and citizens to develop a sound foundation of neighborhoods. It is critical to all businesses and residents that the investment they have made in the city they ‚Äúchoose‚ÄĚ to call home is protected and continues to hold value.

In order to help prevent the premature aging of Country Estates, several residents in your neighborhood have created a volunteer neighborhood association called Country Estates Neighborhood Network (CENN). For the last two years, this group of volunteer leaders has given their time and money to help protect all of your interests and property values. Evidence of their efforts can be seen on a daily basis. The neighborhood has enjoyed the fruits of their labors.  We encourage you to get involved in your neighborhood and support the efforts of these neighborhood leaders. For more information on CENN, go to

The City of Owasso created a program, Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative, four years ago to partner with residents and neighborhood groups to develop plans and strategies for their neighborhood to protect the investment made by residents.   OSNI offers neighborhoods like Country Estates matching funds if they can organize and maintain these volunteer neighborhood groups. Due to the work of the Country Estates Network of volunteers, the City of Owasso awarded your neighborhood a matching grant the past two years to fund improvements to your neighborhood entrances, for the purchase and installation of Sign Toppers at each entrance and helped fund your neighborhood-wide block party this year.

To support these ongoing efforts, the Owasso Strong Neighborhood Initiative-Owasso CARES is partnering with your neighborhood to have a Day of Service on Saturday, September 21st. Volunteers from throughout our community will be coming to your neighborhood to assist in clean-up and beautification projects. 
OSNI-Owasso CARES will provide dumpsters so residents can get rid of unwanted items that may impact the appearance of their property and neighborhood. Volunteers will be painting fire hydrants, helping with landscape projects and cleaning up neighborhood entrances.   We encourage you to join these volunteers and help make a positive impact in your neighborhood.

If you want more information about this Day of Service, are interested in volunteering or need to know where the dumpsters will be located, please contact Owasso’s Neighborhood Coordinator, Jerry Fowler,
 at 918-376-1556 or by email at


Wow! What a party!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight for our first ever neighborhood-wide block party. We estimated that we had at least 120 people. A special thanks to those who provided food and other supplies. All the food was delicious! Thanks to Angela Holland (her awesome neighbors and husband) and Ashley Gilstrap for all their hard work planning for this event. We had a great time. We can’t wait for next year!