Monthly Archives: June 2013

June Update

Howdy, Country Estates Neighbors! This is just a quick update about what is going on with CENN and our neighborhood.
1) What if there was a way to instantly communicate with all 774 homes in our neighborhood? Well, there is. It is called If you haven’t heard about or signed up, please do so. This free social website is similar to Facebook where you can interact with your friends. It’s different in that we have created an account that is just for our neighborhood. We have nearly 50 residents who have signed up so far. It is easy to use. There is even a free app. Our goal is to have all our neighbors utilizing this free site. Please invite our neighbors to join.
2) July Newsletter. There will be a July newsletter coming out at some point during the month. Mostly likely it will be hand delivered. Want to help? We can always use neighborhood volunteers to help pass out the newsletters.
3) Block Party. We plan to have a big neighborhood-wide Block Party on Saturday, September 7th. Want to help plan this event? We certainly need people to help set up a committee to plan this first ever event. We even should have some money set aside through our grant to help with some of the cost. This will be an important event that will help bring us together in a fun social setting.
4) Alert Neighborhood. As you know, we had an alert neighborhood meeting back in February. We plan to have another meeting soon. The date has not yet been determined. With some of our current funds and grant money, we are going to purchase 6 Alert Neighborhood signs that will be posted at each major entrance to our neighborhood. It takes some time to get the signs installed so please be looking for them probably sometime in August or September.
5) Donations. Speaking of donations, we need more financial support to continue our current efforts and plan for future goals! If you have contributed in the past or have not done so yet, we encourage you to give a donation. Any amount would be most appreciated. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity so far, but we need this to continue if we plan to proceed with our neighborhood’s vision.
Checks can be made out to Country Estates Neighborhood Network, PO Box 537, Owasso, OK 74055.
If you would like to get involved with CENN and attend our monthly meetings, we would love to have you. We can always use help.
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